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The in-store point-of-sale (POS) has undergone a change. Today, consumers and merchants are using more technology to simplify their experience, including payment. However, the standalone POS terminal’s role in payments is not fundamentally changing; it will remain the primary payment device for most merchants and consumers for many years. What is changing is how the POS is used and what it is capable of. With our API you are in the driver seat, making this happen.

Choosing your setup

POS hardware with a CCV terminal

Your POS software is running on your own preferred hardware devices and is integrated with a CCV terminal.

POS software on a CCV terminal

Use the power of the CCV Android terminals by bringing your POS app on a CCV terminal that is running on Android OS. Every Android base terminal has a CCV Store where your app can be distributed to your customers. This becomes an all-in-one solution for a merchant, both the POS application and the payment application is running on the same device.

Choosing between an API and an SDK

CCV provides an API and an SDK that can be used for the setup you prefer.

Payment API

Use the Payment API of CCV to integrate with a cloud connection.

Terminal SDK

Use the Android SDK to integrate with a local connection between your POS and a CCV terminal.

Characteristics API SDK
Technology The strength of the API is that it is technology agnostic.  CCV only provides an SDK for Android. It is a native Java SDK to integrate with a CCV terminal.

Terminals supported The API can’t be used for every CCV terminal yet. CCV is working to cover all terminals. Almost every partners of CCV uses the SDK to get their POS app in the CCV store of an Android terminal.
Although it is possible to use the SDK also when your POS software is running on your hardware if it runs on Android OS.

Omni channel payments If you would like to combine multiple payment solutions, use the API. You can use combine them with only one integration. The SDK only support terminal payment. Other payment solutions aren’t supported in the SDK.

Integrate with our Payment API

Solution Context

Integrate with our SDK

Documentation & More

SDK - Getting started

Learn the basics of the SDK and get started

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Download SDK

Download the SDK.

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Demo application

Get a demo application that uses the SDK

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Make a payment

Find out how easy it is to make a payment

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Recover a payment

Learn how to handle error scenarios by using the recovery method

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Terminal actions

Learn which terminals action are available with the SDK

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Hardware access

Learn how you can access the hardware of a CCV terminal

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API Reference

Use the API reference to get a complete overview of the SDK

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Verify your integration by going through the certification tests

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