EV Charging

EV-Charging: Payment made simple

On our commercial website we have a full article containing all information about this topic. You can find that here
Here we will focus on one of the solutions we provide for this market, our next-generation payment terminal IM30.
This is our unattended android based terminal which will take your solution to the next step. Complete information and use-cases can again be found here

The customer journey of EV Charging

The Payment journey of EV Charging

Start a charging session

Before you start a charging session, you would like to reserve a balance on a payment card for the payout when the charging session stops. In the payment industrie, it’s called Authorise and Capture .

The authorisation reserves money on a bank account. The integrator or the cusotmer can decide how much money needs to be
The capture finishes the payment. More information about the capture is described later in this page.

Go to the manual of Authorisation to find out how you can maken an authorisation request and see the content of the response.

Stop a charging session

Some time after the charging session is started, a customer would like to end the charging session. Before the session is stopped, you need a verification that the person who would like to stop the session is actually someone who started a session. This is easy to verify by using the tokenization services of CCV.

Verify card with Tokenization

During the authorisation request, you received a Token of the payment card that is presented by the customer. There’s an API call available to request a token.

Check out the manual to get a card token to see all the details to get a token.

Once you have received the token. It’s up to you as an integrator to validate if there’s a charging session available with the same Token.

If the token doesn’t match any session, the customer presented another payment card or someone else tried to stop a charging session. If the new token is equal to the token of a charging session, you can continue to the following step to finish the payment transaction.

Capture transaction

The customer initiated the action to stop a charging session. It’s time to finish the payment. You determine the amount that needs to be charged for the session and you can finish the transaction wiht a capture request.

All the information about capture can be found in the manual of Capture

Manuals & More

Required manuals

IM30 - Development kit

Find out what is inside an IM30 development kit

Learn more

Getting started

Find out what you need to do to start your integration

Learn more


Learn how to make an authorisation

Learn more


Learn how to make a capture

Learn more

Tokenization - Get a card token

Learn how to receive a token form a card

Learn more

Handling receipts

Learn how to handle transaction receipts

Learn more

Payment recovery

Learn how to recover a payment in an error scenario.

Learn more

Optional manuals

Read a Mifare card

Learn how to read a Mifare card

Learn more

Get available brands

Learn how to receive all configured card brands for your terminal

Learn more

Get terminal status

Learn how to get the status of a terminal

Learn more

Period closing

Learn how to make a period closing

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