Privacy statement | CCV Docs

You entrust us with your payment and personal data. We value that trust. Here we describe how we ensure the protection of your personal data.

We have been taking care of your payment details and those of millions of other Dutch people for decades. That is why we comply with:

  • The Financial Supervision Act
  • The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act
  • The Telecommunications Act
  • The European General Data Protection Regulation
  • The General Data Protection Regulation Implementation Act

Our work processes are fully geared to the strict requirements of all these laws. And our data traffic is robustly protected. In this way we assure you of your privacy and that of your customers.

Basic principles of privacy

In short, our compliance with these laws means that we adhere to these basic principles:

  • We will tell you about your rights and only act if you give permission to process your data
  • We only use your personal data for the performance of our work.
  • We only collect the data that is necessary for our work.
  • We ensure that your personal data is and remains correct.
  • We do not store your personal data longer than necessary.
  • We protect your personal data against unauthorized access, loss or destruction.
  • We can demonstrate that we comply with these rules.

Data administrator and data processor

Legally speaking, we have a dual role in the field of privacy. We register and manage personal data of our customers, your customers and our employees. In that sense, we are the official data manager and liable for the careful handling of data.
In addition, we handle payment data on behalf of our customers, such as ING, Equens, ACI and Bancontact. In that situation we are a data processor. Our customers are data controllers and liable for the handling of data. They set specific requirements for our handling of your data, which we record in a cooperation agreement. We carry out these meticulously. In both roles, we ensure that your privacy is carefully protected.