CCV Cloud Connection

Connect your CCV payment terminal to the cloud with CCV Cloud Connection

Online and offline shopping are increasingly becoming one. Customers buy products online and return them in store. Your payment solution must also grow with this. That is why CCV is introducing the CCV Cloud Connection. With this solution, your payment terminal is linked to a cloud-based environment via an API protocol.

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1. Link with online store

The link between the order in the online webshop and the payment at the payment terminal in the physical store used to require complicated network and software constructions. This is now a lot easier with this new CCV functionality. An order point (for example a kiosk) with a web browser is sufficient for the entrepreneur: this way we can link the webshop to the payment terminal.

  • One advantageous debit card rate for online and offline transactions
  • More turnover: order and pay in the store
  • Notifying customers of special offers

2. Link with cloud-based cash register

In addition to the kiosk, a cloud-based cash register can also use our payment systems in the cloud. The cash register starts the transaction and the further processing of this transaction then takes place in our secure cloud environment.

  • One advantageous debit card rate for transactions
  • Easy integration and/or linking
  • All transactions in a clear overview

How does CCV Cloud Connection work?

The API ensures that the webshop or web checkout can communicate with CCV's PSP server. This is necessary to forward the payment request to the payment terminal so that a payment can be made. CCV's PSP server is used for online transactions and ensures that the payment request is forwarded to CCV's TAS server. The TAS server that receives the payment request checks whether the payment terminal is available and then sets up a session so that the final transaction can take place. The result is sent back to the web browser. "Continue on payment terminal" appears on the screen. A signal is sent from the web browser to the payment terminal, so that it is activated. The result of the transaction is then sent back via the same route. In this way, all parties know that the session has been completed.

CCV Cloud Connection

Can I use CCV Cloud Connection?

This is possible, provided you have our P400 ITS and V400M ITS (two of our newer payment terminals). The POS supplier must be certified for the link between the cloud-based environment and the payment terminal. The following suppliers are already certified: Compo Software, Nappkin and WelPos. Is your cash register supplier not listed here? Then ask them to contact CCV.

You can already share the following documentation with your POS supplier: the API and the manual for the CCV Cloud Connection attended or the manual for the CCV Cloud Connection semi-unattended.